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"We empower everyone to define their own workflows today to create content with ease tomorrow. No restrictions. No compromises."


Our mission is to develop state-of-the-art software with high usability, efficient design and clean source code. In this way, our company serves to improve the working environment of everyone involved in the long term. The entrepreneur, the customers, the partners and the employees.


The MoovIT-SP GmbH has been founded in 2022 as a spin-off of the MoovIT GmbH to focus on developing standarized products for the Media industry.


We have started the new company with a core of 8 experts from the media and broadcast industry. Together, we have over 50 years of experience in postproduction, workflow management and software development.


Helmut4 FX

Adobe Premiere Pro offers its users a broad range of outstanding features, but this extensive functionality can create administrative challenges – particularly in large-scale production environments. HelmutFX can make a difference in this regard by helping you maintain a clear overview. HelmutFX works in the background and organises search and management processes for Premiere Pro project files. In contrast to the traditional approach, where workflows are adapted to fit the software, the HelmutFX approach is to adapt the software to fit the workflow. Its core consists of a deliberately small number of fully customizable functions that are used in every production environment.

Helmut4 IO

The 'I' in HelmutIO stands for 'Ingest', highlighting how this Helmut component enables both web ingest and the import of watch folders or panel extensions. The 'O' stands for 'Outgest' and describes how Premiere Pro sequences and/or After Effects compositions can be exported using this tool. HelmutIO can transcode content, manage metadata or move assets to different places. HelmutIO takes on the role of a render farm using the split-and-stitch technique; in other words, it distributes sequences across all available render nodes to make best possible use of the available capacity. HelmutIO is not bound to Adobe Premiere Pro and is open in its interaction with the Adobe Media Encoder.

Helmut4 Cosmo

HelmutCO acts as a connecting element between project management and media administration for the organisation of projects and project content. The project structures created using HelmutFX are organised by HelmutCosmo in the background and made available in a database. What does this mean in concrete terms? HelmutCosmo indexes projects including their folder structures, metadata, assets and sequences. This enables complete synchronisation with Adobe Premiere Pro projects and third-party systems – without needing to open Premiere Pro itself.

Helmut4 HK

As its name suggests, Helmut4 Housekeeper is there to clean up for you! This component starts its work at a downstream part of the post-production process where many software solutions stop. In order to 'tidy up' in a sensible way once a project has been completed, HelmutHK uses data from HelmutCosmo and performs the actions that have been individually defined in Helmut's 'Streams Engine'. This means that projects and project-related assets can be consolidated, archived, deleted or even restored as required. All of this happens across all projects and can be performed manually or automatically (i.e. scheduled). Optionally, HelmutHK can also distribute these tasks across HelmutIO's render nodes in setups where both products work in tandem.

Helmut4 Streams

Our powerful streams engine together with it's stream designer offers you the perfect canvas for designing your workflows and serve all our products. On top of hundreds of predefined nodes - adjusted to our media industry, HTTP or Javascript nodes give you the room to develop your own ideas or attach your own APIs. The limit is your imagination.


RevApp is an intuitive review and approval platform. Uploading, reviewing, approving can all be done in one place. Leveraging the power of our streaming engine, teams can easily connect Helmut to RevApp dramatically reducing the time it takes to approve edits!


Let us introduce ourselfs

David Merzenich


Hans Douma

Manager Operations

Rafael Gala

Product Manager

Anton Brinster

Quality Assurance

Artur Grafov

Head of Product Development

Hendrik Vosskamp

Software Developer

Severin Siebertz

Software Architect

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